Thunderstorm over Ruidoso, New Mexico – August 15 2014
Storm over Sierra Blanca – July 17, 2014


The Little Bear Fire was another eye opener for Ruidoso’s Residents!

Lincoln National Forest has a new look!
The Little Bear Fire, severely burned a BIG chunk
of the White Mountain Wilderness.
Where it made it’s run into Enchanted Mesa, it burned so hot,
few trees survived and most of the soil was sterilized.
South Fork and the Bonito drainage and Monjeau Lookout, took the worst of it.
However, from Runnel’s Stables, and to the west, (Big Bear, Little Bear, Aspen, Argentine, pretty much everything west
of the stables) was burned by crews controlling the fire.
These areas were low intensity burns with the fire backing down the slopes. They will look good again in a couple years.

Unfortunately, the big loss was to property owners!
Record number of homes burned.


My new project will be to make a video showing how to reduce the heavy fuels to the west of Ruidoso, so that embers from a wildfire to our southwest, will not have a chance to reach our community.


I offer: Web Design and Hosting.

I repair things; cars, machinery, appliances, computers.

I also teach, computers & graphic applications photo scanning/enhancement/restoration (advertising and personal)

I am a Colorist in the movie industry. I work with Final Cut, Premiere & Avid.

I teach chainsaw use maintenance and safety.
I fall any size tree (certified “C” faller for 20+ years)

Learn to Burn! Do you live outside city limits?
I can clear trees and burn the slash with NO chance of damage or escaped fire.

I want to start a group that wants to learn how to burn, where as a group we clear each others property and learn how to do it safely.


My unique contribution to the World Wide Web’s collection of photographs, will be from 12 years of Wildland Firefighting on the Smokey Bear Hot Shot Crew. – Link to Photo Site


I used to photograph families and events as ORIGINAL DESIGNS in Ruidoso, from 1989 to 2003. If you found me searching the name on the back of a photograph, I still have the film!

I can set it up for you to view images from a shoot. Contact me through the comment form below.


We were filling up this pumpkin at Sierra Blanca Regional Airport, getting everything ready for the fire season. Wind blowing lightly, the thing started to breathe. Anybody seen this phenomenon before? Anybody know what caused this??? (2006)

William Riggles – 07/21/13