Since I am a skier, I realize I have a bias toward snowboards. When I talk about sliding I refer to it as SKIING. Sorry!
Many of my best friends are SNOWBOARDERS… really.
Maybe riding is a better word; riding the boards. I like that it works for both snowboards and skis.
This page is intended for people coming up to Ski Apache and are not familiar with snow or snow sports. They are not familiar with the area and are looking for good advice. I’m not here to sell you anything, this is just a short cut that makes it a better experience for everybody.

The 2012/13, year was a good one at Ski Apache. I am amazed at how great the snow was; considering how little we got! January was warm, but then it cooled off, leaving the snow on the hill, in GREAT condition.

I work at Ski Apache Disabled Skiers’ Program, please support the work of this fantastic crew!


1 thought on “SNOW SKIING

  1. Awesome photos! I was browsing the web for old Ruidoso photos and came across your page, really good stuff. I am 25 years old and have lived in Ruidoso pretty much all my life, I love it here. Thanks for the photos, It’s really neat seeing the town back in the day. I wish I could have experienced the town then, I bet the snow was great! Skiing is also a hobby of mine, hope to see you on the slopes!

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